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Ain't no Law team image

Ain't no Law

Backdoor Bandits team image

Backdoor Bandits

Ball Slappers team image

Ball Slappers

Box Banditos team image

Box Banditos

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Buffalo Warriors Hockey team image

Buffalo Warriors Hockey

Bunt Munchers team image

Bunt Munchers

Can of Corn team image

Can of Corn

Chinatown / 
Temple Bar team image

Chinatown / Temple Bar

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Detroit Hooligans team image

Detroit Hooligans

Detroit Stars team image

Detroit Stars

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Flat Out Tennis team image

Flat Out Tennis

Genny Pounders team image

Genny Pounders

Hamtown Market team image

Hamtown Market

High Srt Drive team image

High Srt Drive

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Hot n Sweaty team image

Hot n Sweaty

Just Cuz team image

Just Cuz

Keg Kickers team image

Keg Kickers

Keg Stand Murphys team image

Keg Stand Murphys

Kenmore Rats team image

Kenmore Rats

Klimek's Kings team image

Klimek's Kings

Marky Mark &
 the Funky Bunch team image

Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch

Mighty Drunks team image

Mighty Drunks

Monday Night Lights 
Hockey League team image

Monday Night Lights Hockey League

Monkey's With 
Machine Guns team image

Monkey's With Machine Guns


Buffalo, NY

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Queen City VooDoo team image

Queen City VooDoo

Savages Hockey Club team image

Savages Hockey Club

Sonny Reds Murphs team image

Sonny Reds Murphs

South Buffalo Genesee Sluggers team image

South Buffalo Genesee Sluggers

Swedish Fish team image

Swedish Fish

The Beaneaters team image

The Beaneaters

The Joe's team image

The Joe's

The Piegay Brothers team image

The Piegay Brothers

The Pumpers team image

The Pumpers

The Thrillers team image

The Thrillers

The Wolfpack team image

The Wolfpack

Toothless Wonder team image

Toothless Wonder

Top Cheddar team image

Top Cheddar

Tre White Goalie Academy team image

Tre White Goalie Academy

UNITED team image


Ump Yours team image

Ump Yours

Volley BIG BALLERS team image


Wet Bandits team image

Wet Bandits


Buffalo, NY


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About the Team

Plakata was a post shut down revelation for me. After my previous softball team disbanded when the pandemic hit, once the shut down ended, I was determined to get back out and play. Little did I know what it would become. A free agent team with a few of my own friends to round things out has turned into more than I ever could have imagined. Staring in the summer of 2021, donning the Carolina Blue and... that's it we only get one color... a bunch of strangers quickly became best friends. And while there has been some turn over since our first season, the core has remained largely intact.

This spring we are entering our 4th year together, with the moniker of Plakquatro. Each season has seen a new iteration of the infamous Plakata! In 2022 we were Plakata Dos, highlighted by our custom Goat Head logo, get it G.O.A.T. Followed it up in 2023 with Plakata Tres which saw us teak home our second championship in 4 sessions. And our unique naming convention garnered some interest and laughs among some of the more tenured teams in the league. So you know I had to hit em with the razzle-dazzle of Plakquatro for our Floral Anniversary season. (If your married you’ll get the reference.

But despite all of that, what makes this team so great is that it has really become a family. Those warm (and sometimes not so warm) Tuesday nights on the diamond are great. So is the happy hour that follows. But the non-game days are what its really about. Impromptu Sunday brunches, Birthday parties, Friendsgiving or even a night out for some late night Laser tag. I have truly made of of my best friends thanks to this team.

I always wanted to have my “Cheers” moment. And this team is just that. I just wish I was a little more “Sam” and a little less “Norm” 😉

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Buffalo, NY

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