Labatt Parks and Rec Sponsored Teams for 2024

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Ain't no Law team image

Ain't no Law

Backdoor Bandits team image

Backdoor Bandits

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Ball Slappers

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Box Banditos

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Buffalo Warriors Hockey

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Bunt Munchers

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Can of Corn

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Temple Bar team image

Chinatown / Temple Bar

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Detroit Hooligans

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Detroit Stars

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Flat Out Tennis team image

Flat Out Tennis

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Genny Pounders

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Hamtown Market

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High Srt Drive

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Hot n Sweaty team image

Hot n Sweaty

Just Cuz team image

Just Cuz

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Keg Kickers

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Keg Stand Murphys

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Kenmore Rats

Klimek's Kings team image

Klimek's Kings

Marky Mark &
 the Funky Bunch team image

Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch

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Mighty Drunks

Monday Night Lights 
Hockey League team image

Monday Night Lights Hockey League

Monkey's With 
Machine Guns team image

Monkey's With Machine Guns

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Queen City VooDoo team image

Queen City VooDoo

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Savages Hockey Club

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Sonny Reds Murphs

South Buffalo Genesee Sluggers team image

South Buffalo Genesee Sluggers

Swedish Fish team image

Swedish Fish

The Beaneaters team image

The Beaneaters

The Joe's team image

The Joe's

The Piegay Brothers team image

The Piegay Brothers

The Pumpers team image

The Pumpers

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The Thrillers

The Wolfpack

Buffalo, NY

Holiday - Leisure Adult League
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The Wolfpack team image

The Wolfpack

Toothless Wonder team image

Toothless Wonder

Top Cheddar team image

Top Cheddar

Tre White Goalie Academy team image

Tre White Goalie Academy

UNITED team image


Ump Yours team image

Ump Yours

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Wet Bandits team image

Wet Bandits

The Wolfpack

Buffalo, NY


Holiday - Leisure Adult League

About the Team

Hello! The Wolfpack has existed since the early 70s. Our team colors have been black and orange, however we’re looking to revamp our colors and jerseys this season.

This season, In the semi-finals, our hockey team fell short in double overtime due to a combination of factors, including fatigue, missed opportunities, and perhaps a lack of focus in crucial moments.

Moving forward, we aim to establish a new tradition where the player of the game receives something Wolfpack-related, fostering team spirit and motivation. Perhaps something Blue Light themed 👀

Additionally, our collective goal as a team is to lose 100lbs as a team. We started approximately 6 weeks ago and we’re down 40lbs. However, with the season coming to an end. We’re all a little scared to see what the scale says when we start back up in May. Once we achieve our goal, we said we will all go out for wings, pizza, and Blue Light! Maybe we can even document our progress and once we achieve our goal unlock a locked mystery Blue Light Swag Prize Box.

The Wolfpack team image

The Wolfpack

The Wolfpack

Buffalo, NY

Holiday - Leisure Adult League
Labatt USA Logo